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POLITICO New York Health Care, presented by New York's Hospitals and Doctors: Montefiore's hallway beds; Pennsylvania takeover of Jamestown hospital

06/10/2016 05:40 AM EDT

written by Dan Goldberg and Josefa Velasquez

HALLWAY BEDS - Patient care at Montefiore Hospital is in jeopardy because of the persistent use of hallway beds, an overcrowding problem that has lingered for many years, according to several residents, a nurse and one attending physician. The residents and physician, who asked for anonymity fearing retaliation, said there are an average of six or seven beds in the hallways on several floors at the Moses campus. One resident said that in January, she was forced to take a patient into a hallway bathroom to conduct a breast exam because it was the most private place she could find. An attending physician said he had a patient in a hallway bed with prostatitis who required a rectal exam.

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CORRECTION - In Wednesday's newsletter, I referred to Pat Wang a "he." This is obviously incorrect and particularly embarrassing because I've met Pat Wang. Apologies.

CLOSE, BUT NOT THERE YET - As the legislative session comes down to the last few days, Gov. Andrew Cuomo and legislative leaders are "close" to an agreement on how to address the heroin and opioid crisis in the state, along with a measure on breast cancer detection. "[We're] discussing breast cancer, heroin, among other things we think we're closest on. But we haven't closed anything down," Assembly Speaker Carl Heastie said Thursday, alongside Senate Majority Leader John Flanagan and Sen. Jeff Klein after emerging from a meeting with Cuomo. Heastie, a Democrat from the Bronx, didn't provide details on what exactly is being hashed out during closed-door negotiations, saying that his Democratic conference is still discussing the details of a legislative package. "I need to get back upstairs to see what the responses are," Heastie said.

...Moments after the leaders emerged from their meeting with Cuomo, the governor's heroin and opioid task force released its report, the culmination of a month of travel throughout the state to gather information on how to address use of the drugs. Among the recommendations from the panel are the elimination of prior approval from insurance companies for inpatient treatment and for medications to treat addiction, like buprenorphine and injectable naltrexone. The task force also recommends limiting the initial amount of opioids that can be prescribed for acute pain from 30 days to no more than seven, with exceptions for chronic pain, cancer and "palliative care and provisions that reduce any associated financial burden related to copayments for prescriptions of greater duration." Read the full report here:

...A report from Comptroller Tom DiNapoli found that heroin and opioid related deaths reached a record high and are increasing faster than nearly every other state where data is available.

NOW WE KNOW - Ever read something 20 years too late? Turns out that teen boys with lots of empathy attracted 1.8 more girls compared to boys with low empathy, according to an article in the Journal of Personality.

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** A message from New York's Hospitals and Doctors: New York is home to many of the world's finest doctors and hospitals, but they spend billions annually on medical malpractice costs-by far the nation's highest. Let's make sure Albany doesn't make things worse by passing bills that will raise those costs even higher and damage patient care. Learn more at **

BIG DEAL - The state's public health and health planning council approved a Pennsylvania health system's controversial takeover of a western New York hospital, deciding it was the only viable path forward. The University of Pittsburgh Medical Center Hamot is set to become the active parent for Woman's Christian Association Hospital in Jamestown, a 317-bed facility in Chautauqua County. Thursday's vote followed a civil 90-minute discussion that primarily focused on UPMC's alleged pattern of raising medical costs in areas into which it expands, its fight with the Blues insurance plans and worries over what kind of access patients in southwest New York would have to medical care. Despite lingering concerns, Jeff Kraut, chairman of the planning council, said he saw no other way forward because WCA needs a partner and Kaleida Health and Catholic Health - two other large systems in the area - were unwilling or unable to move forward with WCA. "The board of directors' [of WCA] decision was this is in its best interest," Kraut said. "No one gave us an alternative other than Hamot. We have one productive, viable opportunity here ... I have not heard an alternative that is viable." Read my story here:

PASSED - The Assembly passed three health care-related bills on Thursday which would allow people 16 or younger to sign up to become an organ donor, would prohibit emergency service providers from selling patient health information without written consent, and would require school districts to ensure that health education programs recognize the different dimensions of health, including mental health and physical health. The Senate, which passed a combined 109 bills, passed bills relating to the transmission of electronic prescriptions, medical authorization forms to disclose private medical information for people in the custody of the Department of Corrections and Community Supervision, requiring health care facilities to respect each patient's religious beliefs with regard to the provision of health care, expanding the Doctors Across New York program to include dentists, authorize health care facilities and professions to pay for the fair market value of practice management, billing or health information technology services, a requirement that the office of brain injury, within the Department of Health, administer the brain injury program, maternal depression treatment and a bill that would direct the health commissioner to establish an educational program and screening standards to prevent sudden cardiac arrest in student athletes. The chamber also passed legislation prohibiting the distribution without charge of electronic cigarettes to minors. Read the full list and accompanying links to the bills here:

MERGER MANIA - The Albany Business Review reports: "Albany Medical Center and Saratoga Hospital have finalized an affiliation agreement the two health care providers have been working on since October.

The agreement would establish Albany Med, the region's second-largest hospital system, as the "parent and co-operator" of Saratoga Hospital. It has been submitted to the state Department of Health for approval."

CONSIDER THIS - Given all these mergers and affiliations, it might be time to consider this ProPublica story: "Mergers have become commonplace as hospital mega-chains increasingly dominate the American health-care market. But these deals often go unscrutinized by state regulators, who fail to address potential risks to patients losing access to care, according to a new report released today . MergerWatch, which analyzes the hospital industry and opposes faith-based health care restrictions, surveyed health care statutes and regulations in all 50 states and the District of Columbia. It found that only 10 states require government review before hospital facilities and services can be shut down."

ZIKA UPDATE - There have been 204 cases of the Zika virus documented in New York State, according to state health commissioner Howard Zucker. Of those, 150 were reported in New York City, and 26 cases of the virus were found in pregnant women, Zucker said at a meeting of the state's Public Health and Health Planning Council. All but one of the 204 cases were contracted outside the United States. The other case was contracted sexually.

AS SEEN ON TV - The Mount Sinai Health System was featured on CNBC Thursday morning. CEO Ken Davis, board chair May, as well as trustees Glenn Dubin and Carl C. Icahn discussed the power of medical philanthropy; Zika; and the future of health care

MAKING ROUNDS - Dr. David Cohen has been named chief of the Division of Gastroenterology and Hepatology at Weill Cornell Medicine and NewYork-Presbyterian/Weill Cornell Medical Center. He will begin July 1 and oversee a division that has more than doubled in size over the past five years. Read more here:

DEDICATED - The Niagara Falls Memorial Medical Center and the Golisano Foundation celebrated the dedication and blessing of the Golisano Center for Community Health, a $7 million, two-story building supported by a $3.5 million gift from Thomas Golisano - the biggest gift in the hospital's history.

PHARMA REPORT: Jennifer Lawrence is slated to play Elizabeth Holmes, the founder of Theranos, in an upcoming movie about the medical company directed by Adam McKay, who directed The Big Short.

- SETTLED - Valeant reached a $54 million settlement agreement with U.S. Attorney Preet Bharara's office, following allegations that Salix, which it bought in 2015 for $11 billion, paid doctors to speak on the company's behalf as a reward for prescribing the drug. That's a violation of the anti-kickback statute.

- ACQUIRED - Merck & Co has agreed to purchase biotechnology company Afferent Pharmaceuticals.


- PULSE CHECK: Zika could cause 'billions of dollars' of damage to Gulf Coast. That's according to Hotez, a leading infectious disease expert who spoke with POLITICO's "Pulse Check" podcast , fresh off a meeting to brief Senate Democrats. "There are some counties in Texas, Louisiana and elsewhere - the entire county's mosquito control district is a guy with a backpack. Or as we say, Chuck in the truck." said Hotez. "And Chuck in the truck is not going to be able to control [aedes] egypti."

Listen to the podcast:

Read the story:

CONFESSIONS OF AN ADDICT - If you haven't yet read Seth Mnookin's essay on STAT, it's worth a look. Mnookin is a recovering addict, and he tells what happened when he needed painkillers following surgery. "Despite that, I got no counseling before I checked out of the hospital that night. No one talked to me about the risk of relapse - or how to guard against it. No one offered to advise me as I began taking the powerful painkillers I would need to get through the next few days."

- DON'T DO THAT - Ashley Johnson worked for a month as a nurse at Clearvista Lake Health Campus in Indiana. One small problem: She is not a registered nurse.

- BY THE NUMBERS - The Los Angeles Times took a look at Oregon's aid-in-dying law to see what kind effect it is having.

- CALIFORNIA BEGINS ASSISTED SUICIDE - The New York Times reports: "Beginning Thursday, California will be the fourth state in the country to put in effect a law allowing assisted suicide for the terminally ill, what has come to be known as aid in dying ... The California legislation is strict, intended to ensure that patients have thought through the decision and are making it voluntarily. Patients must make multiple requests for the medication and have a prognosis of less than six months to live. Many hospitals have not yet released policies for dealing with the law. And no doctor, health system or pharmacy will be required to comply with a patient's request. Doctors who object to the practice are not even required to refer patients who request the medication to another physician."

- KASICH SIGNS MEDICAL MARIJUANA BILL - Ohio Gov. John Kasich signed a medical marijuana legalization bill into law on Wednesday, according to the Cincinnati Enquirer. The former Republican presidential candidate made Ohio the 26th state in the nation to legalize medical marijuana.

- PREPPING TEENS - WNYC's Fred Mogul asks whether it's time to prep teens about PrEP. "Public health authorities and LGBT-friendly clinics have been aggressively promoting PrEP to gay men, and drug-maker Gilead Pharmaceuticals has been aggressively marketing it, so when Jeremy's boyfriend shared that he is HIV-positive, Jeremy quickly turned to the anti-HIV drug regimen. 'I told him I'm going to start PrEP, so we don't have a disbalance in our relationship and we can live a normal life'" he said. But Jeremy is 16 years old. And that meant getting permission from his mother. And that meant having a tense conversation. 'She was worried that I didn't know what I was doing, and I just wanted to have sex, and I kept explaining to her that's not why I wanted it,' said Jeremy, who spoke on the condition his full name not be used to protect his privacy. 'It was because I really feel a deep connection with this person, and I want for us to be together for a long time.'"

- SUED - Carolinas HealthCare, North Carolina's largest health system, is being sued by the Justice Department and the state attorney general over allegations that it "quashed competition with demands that insurers not steer consumers to rivals, in the latest sign of antitrust scrutiny across the consolidating health-care sector."

- AVOID PREGNANCY IN ZIKA AREAS - The World Health Organization suggest that people living in areas where the Zika virus is circulating should consider delaying pregnancy to avoid having babies with birth defects.

TODAY'S TIP - Comes from the Cleveland Clinic. "Random acts of kindness, such as holding a door for someone, can give you a 'helper's high' by triggering good chemicals in your brain."


- CONCUSSION RECOVERY - About 25 percent of people who suffer a concussion will have a lingering headache. Dr. Michael Lipton at Albert Einstein College of Medicine explains in the American Journal of Neuroradiology a new imaging technique that can predict which individuals were likely to fully recover. "Our study presents for the first time a precision approach to harness imaging at the time of concussion to forecast outcome a year later," he said in a press release accompanying the article. "While we still lack effective treatments, we now have a better understanding of the neurological mechanisms that underlie a favorable response to concussion, which opens a new window on how to look at therapies and to measure their effectiveness."

- COMBATING AGEISM - According to a study from the University of Kent, young people are less likely to be ageist when their friends have friendships with older adults. The study, published in the British Journal of Social Psychology, found that when young adults have no social contact with older adults in their everyday life, if they are aware of a friend who is friendly with an older person it can cause an increase in positive attitudes toward older adults.

- TAKE A PICTURE - Photographing experiences usually increases positive feelings about them, a study from the American Psychological Association. The study, published in the Journal of Personality and Social Psychology, found that while people might think that taking a picture of something may detract from the fun factor, people who took more photos reported higher levels of enjoyment.

** A message from New York's Hospitals and Doctors: Everyone agrees: New York's hospitals and doctors deliver world-class patient care. But out-of-control medical malpractice costs that are by far the nation's highest are stark proof of a deeply flawed system. Let's make sure Albany doesn't make things worse with harmful, misguided legislation. Join us in urging the New York State Legislature to reject any bills that would raise medical malpractice costs even higher and weaken the ability of doctors and hospitals to deliver high-quality care. **

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Stories from POLITICO Pro

Montefiore residents say hallway beds are hurting patient care Back

By Dan Goldberg | 06/09/2016 06:12 PM EDT

Patient care at Montefiore Hospital is in jeopardy because of the persistent use of hallway beds, an overcrowding problem that has lingered for many years, according to several residents, a nurse and one attending physician.

The residents and physician, who asked for anonymity fearing retaliation, said there are an average of six or seven beds in the hallways on several floors at the Moses campus. Karine Raymond, a nurse, sees the same problem at the Weiler campus.

They say their complaints to the administration have gone unheeded, which is why they chose to speak with the press.

The problem limits their ability to give the kind of care that Montefiore is training them to provide, they say.

"I just feel like, overall, having patients in the hallway feels like a very unsafe and unfair way to provide care," said one resident. "It really wears on you over time."

Hallway beds aren't new, nor are they unique to Montefiore.

They are often the byproduct of overcrowded emergency rooms, which can be dangerous for staff and patients. Most everyone agrees it is better to get a sick patient into a hallway bed than it is to have that person linger in an ER.

Semczuk, executive director of the Moses campus, said he and his staff have been working tirelessly to address the problem.

"Every patient consents to hallway placement," Semczuk said. "We're very careful how we do this. When we consider a patient for a hallway placement, there are very [specific] criteria. There is no difference in the quality of care patients receive."

The front-line staff disagreed, saying everything from patient examinations to patient safety is compromised.

Montefiore's emergency department, they say, tries to adhere to two basic principles - patients should be ambulatory because there is no private bathroom and patients should be verbal because they have no call button and need to literally call out for a nurse.

Those conditions aren't always met.

"It's horrifying to see patient who is incontinent - and a nurse is trying to change a patient behind a screen that offers no privacy," said one resident. "It's disgusting."

The issue residents spoke of first was privacy. The beds have curtains along their sides but they do not surround the bed or provide the kind of privacy a patient and physician would like. Even a routine physical examination often requires lifting a patient's shirt so that a doctor can listen to their lungs.

Many patients require more than routine care.

One resident said that in January, she was forced to take a patient into a hallway bathroom to conduct a breast exam because it was the most private place she could find.

An attending physician said he had a patient in a hallway bed with prostateitis who required a rectal exam.

Another resident spoke of a patient with diabetic ketoacidosis, a life-threatening condition that can lead to a coma.

Another resident spoke of treating a hallway bed patient who had cardiac tamponade, which is when fluid builds up around the heart.

Yet another told of treating a patient with Clostridium difficile, or C. diff, a very contagious bacteria that kills about 30,000 Americans each year.

Because the beds are in the hallway, in sight and earshot of everyone passing by, the residents said it is difficult to take a medical history, or ask patients uncomfortable questions about drug use or sexual behavior.

"It feels like a violation of the patient," one resident said.

Raymond, a member of the New York State Nurses Association, said the hospital will put patients in "every nook and cranny," but hasn't increased staff to help with the additional patients.

"It's a horror and it's sinful," she said. "What we hear a lot [from administration] is 'do the best you can,' but that is not what we want for our patients. We want to excel for our patients."

The lack of staff means patients are less likely to be discharged, she said, meaning rooms don't free up, meaning hallway beds remain a necessity.

Raymond was part of a union protest back in 2013, but the problem persists, she said.

The residents have voiced their complaints and in 2015 put together a chart of "problematic hallway admissions."

Patients on that list included several with HIV and several others who had trouble walking to the hallway bathroom. The list also included an 80-year-old woman with C. diff, who presented with abdominal pain and loose stool. She spent six hours in the hallway, during which time she was incontinent in her bed.

Rosemarie Conigliaro, the associate chair of medicine for graduate medical education, said in a 2015 email response to residents' concerns that "hallway beds will not go away, and the push to get people to the floors and out of the ED will continue."

"Everyone - nurses, administrators, social workers, transporters, etc - is feeling this, it is painful all around," she wrote in the email, a copy of which was provided to POLITICO. "We all deal with situations like this in different ways. I would just ask that you remain professional, remember not to blame the messenger, and that many people are trying to help, and that we work in a very imperfect system."

The lack of privacy creates tension between the medical staff - nurses, residents and physicians - and families who want to know why their loved one is in a hallway.

The residents who spoke with POLITICO said the best they can do is apologize.

Patients, according to Montefiore, are also offered an opportunity to be transported and receive care at other Montefiore sites, based on availability. Most patients decline either because this is where the primary care doctor is located or because the Moses campus is closer to their home.

The situation results from an overburdened emergency room, another problem the hospital has been dealing with for years.

In December 2014, ProPublica reported the average wait time to be seen by a doctor in the emergency room was 97 minutes, the fourth-longest wait in the state.

Montefiore executives have tried a number of measures to reduce the influx of patients.

Last year, Montefiore opened 30 new beds on its main campus and 20 additional beds at its Weiler campus. The health system has hired consultants to find new efficiencies and moved toward spreading the work week over seven days rather than five.

Montefiore also opened a freestanding emergency department in 2013 about four miles from its main campus, and worked to convince community residents it can handle all but the most acute cases. That message seems to be taking hold as visits to the freestanding emergency department in Westchester Square have risen tenfold, from 30,000 to 130,000.

Those measures are beginning to have an impact, Semczuk said.

"This is a marathon, not a sprint," he said. "We've made tremendous progress. We're not where we want to be yet but we're getting there."

Despite those efforts, however, the number of visits to Montefiore's emergency room continues to increase - up 3.5 percent in 2015, and up 8 percent over the last five years.

Semczuk attributes that, in part, to a long flu season, though this year was nowhere near as bad as some past years have been, meaning the situation could have been much worse.

The residents and nurses, meanwhile, are left to contend with a near impossible task - providing the care they were trained to give in situations they hoped to avoid.

"There are so many dimensions to this problem," one resident said. "It's very disheartening."


NYS bill tracker: Legislature deals with housing bills, new police superintendent Back

By Bill Mahoney | 06/09/2016 06:40 PM EDT

ALBANY - The Assembly passed 19 bills on Thursday, and the Senate passed 109.

Both houses spent most of the day convened but stood at ease for large stretches to deal with things like conferencing and holding committee meetings.

In the Senate, two of these committees dealt with the confirmation of Lt. Col. George Beach as state police superintendent. Beach was eventually confirmed by the full chamber Thursday, two days after he was nominated by Gov. Andrew Cuomo.

The Assembly passed several housing bills that are unlikely to move in the Senate. These included two proposals from Assemblyman Keith Wright - one that would require owners of rent-stabilized buildings to seek J-51 tax benefits before applying for an increase in rent due to capital improvements, and another that would impose a moratorium on properties exiting the Mitchell-Lama program.

On Tuesday, the third-to-last day of scheduled session, the Senate is scheduled to convene at 12:30 p.m. and the Assembly at 10 a.m.

Here's a list of what passed Thursday:


A1683A: Englebright -- Authorizes issuance of distinctive plates bearing the words "Cure Childhood Cancer"

A3682: Wright -- Initiates a four-year moratorium on the dissolution of any urban rental Mitchell-Lama company and establishes a Mitchell-Lama housing program study

A3809A: Wright (MS) -- Prohibits an owner from adjusting the amount of preferential rent upon the renewal of a lease

A3887B: Nolan (MS) -- Relates to clarifying health education

A3957A: Wright -- Relates to rent adjustments for major capital improvements

A5133C : Morelle -- Relates to permanent total disability benefits received by disabled volunteer firefighters and ambulance workers

A5368A: Glick -- Establishes the "public higher education quality initiative endowment" fund; repealer

A5534A: Galef (MS) -- Provides for the inclusion, at a voter's option, of an e-mail address in the voter registration application and record for notices to be sent thus and by U.S.P.S.

A5567 : Kavanagh (MS) -- Relates to rent increases after vacancy of a housing accommodation; repealer

A6534: Thiele -- Relates to the general powers of the Long Island office of the department of public service to review the rates and charges of LIPA

A6561A: Abbate -- Provides for issuance of distinctive plates to "Catholic war veterans of America"

A7529B : Magnarelli -- Authorizes holding title of real property of a land bank in the name of a subsidiary

A8202A: Brindisi -- Relates to establishing the temporary advisory board for upstate transit funding

A8226A: Braunstein -- Prohibits emergency service providers from selling patient health information without written consent

A8595A : Woerner -- Relates to the issuance of distinctive license plates for "Ducks Unlimited"

A9598: Hyndman -- Establishes a pilot program to provide job and vocational skills training to youth

S5049: YOUNG -- Directs the state liquor authority to issue a farm winery license to the Concord Grape Belt Heritage Association Inc. Grape Discovery Center in the town of Westfield, county of Chautauqua

S5313A : HANNON -- Authorizes persons 16 years of age or older to make an anatomical gift

S5707A: RITCHIE -- Authorizes farm brewery licensee to sell wine and spirits manufactured by a licensed farm winery or farm distillery


A2384A: Barrett -- Relates to a mixed use exemption program in certain villages

A2417C: Santabarbara -- Relates to creating a farm investment fund

A6823: Jaffee -- Relates to the powers and duties of the receiver of taxes and assessments

A6884: Thiele (MS) -- Relates to a certain agreement for a payment in lieu of taxes with respect to a lessee that is a qualified empire zone enterprise of certain real property

A9233A: Lupardo -- Designates a portion of the state highway system as the "Col. David Ireland Memorial Highway"

A9303B: Lavine -- Relates to a pilot program providing a tax credit for universal visitability

A9406: Blake -- Relates to medical authorization forms to disclose private medical information for people in the custody of the department of corrections and community supervision

A9837: Gottfried (MS) -- Relates to transmission and hard copies of electronic prescriptions

A9889: Jaffee -- Relates to the membership of the early intervention coordinating council

A9902A: Lupardo -- Codifies the early childhood advisory council

A9910A: Weinstein (MS) -- Relates to the administration of digital assets

A10051 : Schimminger -- Extends the effectiveness of provisions of law relating to temporary retail permits issued by the state liquor authority

A10115: Jaffee -- Relates to extending the authority of the department of environmental conservation to manage the American eel

A10219A: Englebright -- Authorizes the town board of the town of Brookhaven to extend the Setauket fire district to include the village of Old Field

A10241A : Lavine -- Relates to extending certain provisions relating to assessment and review of assessments in the county of Nassau

S87: GALLIVAN -- Relates to the registration of certain motor vehicles

S115A: DIAZ -- Establishes a senior housing task force

S216A: LAVALLE -- Provides timeline for the election by the legislature of the regents

S276A : LAVALLE -- Relates to online programs and accelerated proficiency degree programs at the state university of New York

S292: MARTINS -- Relates to a stay of enforcement of a determination involving a permit or approval in connection with the development or construction of residential housing

S389: MARCELLINO -- Requires the development of a program addressing the problem of wrong way drivers on New York interstate highways

S392: GALLIVAN -- Authorizes the state liquor authority to issue temporary retail permits

S427: MARCELLINO -- Changes one of the elements of aggravated unlicensed operation of a motor vehicle in the second degree to require two or more suspensions in certain cases

S443: GALLIVAN -- Provides for the location and layout of premises of licensed retailers

S625 : VALESKY -- Relates to the allocation of funds under the supportive housing development program

S833: ROBACH -- Prohibits level three sex offenders from living in college housing

S862: ROBACH -- Authorizes certain military personnel to get married within twenty-four hours of receiving a marriage license

S992: RIVERA -- Relates to translation services for inmates appearing before the parole board

S1054: HANNON -- Requires health care facilities to respect each patient's religious beliefs with regard to the provision of health care

S1523: KLEIN -- Relates to the crime of unauthorized use of a motor vehicle

S1533: LITTLE -- Authorizes educational institutions to agree to pay for all or a portion of the salaries and compensation payable to municipal school crossing guards

S1995: GOLDEN -- Relates to the reimbursement for medicare charges

S2020: HASSELL-THOMPSON -- Expands definition of dangerous contraband to include telecommunications and electronic recording devices

S2150: CARLUCCI -- Authorizes social services districts to offer participants in public assistance employment programs an option to complete a course of instruction in financial literacy and personal finance

S2318: YOUNG -- Establishes a private right of action for owners and tenants of residential premises against persons video taping recreational activities in the backyard of such premises

S2337A: LANZA -- Provides for the continuation of express bus service to the south shore of Staten Island

S2392A : MARTINS -- Relates to child support for children attending a college ROTC program, a military college, a military preparatory school or one of the United States military academies

S2694: FELDER -- Establishes a career and technical high school diploma for students completing a course of study for a career or trade

S2851: LANZA -- Requires applicants for the renewal of a driver's license to prove they have acceptable vision to operate a motor vehicle

S3020B: YOUNG -- Expands the Doctors Across New York program to include dentists

S3034: HOYLMAN -- Requires organizations that receive funds for capital improvements use such funds for the purchase of energy star equipment and appliances where available

S3051: DEFRANCISCO -- Relates to establishing a campsite reservation preference for state residents

S3083: YOUNG -- Provides for statewide video arraignments; repealer

S3318A: LANZA -- Defines a real estate team as two or more persons associated with the same real estate brokerage who hold themselves out or operate as a team

S3580: AVELLA -- Relates to designating the month of May "Korean American Family Month"

S3672 : SAVINO -- Authorizes the division of the lottery to sell advertising space on lottery tickets

S3673: SAVINO -- Authorizes advertising during quick draw

S4506: LANZA -- Authorizes the New York city water board to grant a 10 percent discount on New York city water bills to senior citizens

S4514 : LANZA -- Provides that certain sex offenders who are released on parole or sentenced to probation may not enter public, association or free libraries

S4550A: PARKER -- Includes within the class D felony of assault in the second degree, the intentional causing of physical injury to a station cleaner or terminal cleaner

S4657A: LANZA -- Increases number of supreme court justices in the thirteenth judicial district to ten and in the second judicial district to fifty-two

S4717B: HANNON -- Relates to the performance of medical services by physician assistants

S4736: HANNON -- Authorizes health care facilities and professions to pay for the fair market value of practice management, billing or health information technology services

S4842A: MARTINS -- Relates to including certain reserve veterans for purposes of the veteran alternative exemption

S4958: GRIFFO -- Relates to distinctive license plates issued to gold star mothers

S5131: DEFRANCISCO -- Authorizes and directs the public service commission to study the impact on consumers and perform a cost benefit analysis of the Reforming the Energy Vision (REV) initiative

S5239A: FUNKE -- Authorizes additional forms of games of chance currency for certain games of chance licensees

S5378: AVELLA -- Provides for the reimbursement of costs of the New York environmental protection and spill compensation fund in the department of audit and control

S5400: AMEDORE -- Directs the New York state thruway authority to establish an electronic toll collection device for trucks used by farms, which grants a 10% discount for use of the thruway

S5542B : BONACIC -- Relates to qualifications to serve as an emergency medical technician

S5636A: VALESKY -- Relates to creating a small farm modernization fund program and a small farm modernization fund

S5771A: MURPHY -- Relates to stroke centers

S5858B: VENDITTO -- Relates to the process of selling surplus fire equipment and vehicles

S5863 : PERALTA -- Relates to the waiver of a kitchen incubator processing license fee

S5941A: ESPAILLAT -- Relates to translation services for certain orders by courts of competent jurisdiction

S6042: LITTLE -- Eliminates the expiration of certain provisions of general municipal law, relating to granting localities greater contract flexibility to authorize shared purchasing

S6233A : LANZA -- Relates to license fees per barrel of petroleum ship through the state for use outside the state

S6250A: ORTT -- Provides an exemption for the sale and installation of residential and commercial geothermal heat pump systems equipment

S6269: GALLIVAN -- Relates to authorizing chief executives to designate any vehicle as an emergency vehicle during a state of emergency

S6360 : ORTT -- Relates to adding two more members to the Niagara Frontier transportation authority

S6362: CROCI -- Authorizes municipalities to offer real property tax credits to certain volunteers who live in one municipality but who serve in neighboring municipalities

S6373: AVELLA -- Ensures that preschoolers with disabilities living in temporary housing shall maintain enrollment in their preschool special education program in the district of origin

S6575: DEFRANCISCO -- Establishes the office of brain injury, within the department of health, to administer the brain injury program

S6715: KRUEGER -- Relates to maternal depression treatment

S6725B: YOUNG -- Relates to compensation of certain state officers and employees excluded from collective bargaining units; repealer

S6894 : LANZA -- Relates to sex trafficking and persons under eighteen years of age

S6904: CROCI -- Relates to inciting violence against an active duty member of the military or the reserves

S6920: MURPHY -- Designates Charles lake, Lost lake (Putnam county), Putnam lake and Tonetta lake as inland waterways for purposes of waterfront revitalization

S6922 : SERINO -- Relates to investigating reports of suspected elder abuse or maltreatment

S6933: HANNON -- Directs the commissioner of health to establish an educational program and screening standards to prevent sudden cardiac arrest in student athletes

S6978: AKSHAR -- Relates to prohibiting the distribution without charge of electronic cigarettes to minors

S7034A: CARLUCCI -- Relates to organ donation

S7112: GOLDEN -- Relates to the Kings county health care facility transformation program

S7132A: ORTT -- Relates to guardianship of people who are intellectually disabled and people who are developmentally disabled

S7279: HANNON -- Directs the department of health to establish a Medicaid drug rebate remittance demonstration program to determine whether duplicative claims have been submitted

S7298: HANNON -- Relates to criminal history record checks for employees of nursing home and home care service agencies

S7328: O'MARA -- Relates to merging town justice courts

S7333: SERINO -- Increases the enhanced residential care benefits for the aged, and blind and disabled persons

S7337: AKSHAR -- Relates to prescribing opioids to a minor

S7344A: BOYLE -- Validates certain acts of the Islip Union Free school district with regard to certain capital improvement projects

S7361: AKSHAR -- Makes the city court judges in the city of Norwich full-time positions

S7362: AKSHAR -- Establishes a second office of judge of the county court in the county of Chenango

S7429 : YOUNG -- Designates a portion of the state highway system as the "Private First Class Duane C. Scott Memorial Highway"

S7433: HANNON -- Expands the authority of the Medicaid evidence-based benefit review advisory committee

S7437: ROBACH -- Establishes pediatric day-respite care facilities

S7513A : RANZENHOFER -- Relates to adding the Black Creek in Genesee and Wyoming counties to the definition of inland waterways

S7536A: SEWARD -- Establishes a state insurance advisory board

S7601: KLEIN -- Provides for enhanced protection of water supplies from terrorism and cyber terrorism attacks

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