Your support for Back on My Feet helps individuals like James find their way HOME.

Imagine a young man in his 20’s who moves from central Louisiana to Dallas for a better job. But when he loses that job, he has no income and no support system. He finds himself in a Dallas homeless shelter, far from home.

From the shelter, he hears the 5:45 AM footsteps of morning runners. He sees their hugs and a warmth that looks like family. He joins Back on My Feet and gives it his all. 90% attendance at morning runs, three days a week. Participation in Next Steps, Back on My Feet’s education, employment and housing program. Through his commitment and hard work, this young man – James – gets a full-time job and, as a result, moves into his own apartment. With Back on My Feet financial aid, he is able to buy a bed. He enrolls in college to complete his degree. Even though he works the night shift, he still attends Back on My Feet morning runs. Working at night and studying during the day, he is HOME.

People lose their homes for many reasons. Addiction. A company-wide layoff. A death in the family. Mounting medical bills. A difficult return from military service. No matter the reason, everyone deserves the chance to work toward a better tomorrow.